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Date: Sun Nov 1 23:17:34 EET 2009
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> Hi,
> 2009/11/1 Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente <jsmanrique at gmail.com>:
> > any way, the brainstorm website seems too complex, too long, ... 
> > Something like:
> This is on the list of improvements we're working to implement:
> http://maemo.org/community/maemo-community/upcoming_brainstorm_improvements/
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Thanks Henri.

I'm not sure offhand how much of this can be implemented, or even makes sense, but what about:

- we decide upon action tags for Brainstorm items, to be used by Brainstorm subforum moderators (currently Quim and myself) in posts designed to move things forward

- automation implented to fire off emails to appropriate parties and/or lists based on tag values

For instance:

After significant discussion and voting on Brainstorm Solutions, a moderator creates a summary thread and tags it "Ready for development" (along with another tag identifying the main category).  The post will include Solutions ready for action and necessary details.  Saving the post triggers an email sent to the Developer's email list, where the necessary actions are defined and refined.

We could start off doing this manually...


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