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From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Nov 6 00:28:22 EET 2009
On 11/5/09, penguinbait <matthew at penguinbait.com> wrote:
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> Again I was only looking for a way to find out whats going on and if I could
> help in any way.  I am not trying to pick on anyone or point any fingers, I
> am just wondering if there is a better way to report sprint tasks?  I think
> any priority "MUST" task should have a timeline or at least an anticipated
> completion date?

I've not time (nor inclination as I'm trying to take a back seat) to get into this fully but there *is* "an anticpated completion date" for every MUST & SHOULD task: the end of the period.

The point of an agile process is to give task ownership to an individual within a 4 week period; how they manage that time is up to them. However, it expected that an anticipated failure should be raised ASAP (something we've not been very good at).

>  How do I know if 5% of a sprint task is 1 day or 10 days.

The problem is whether you record man-days vs. expected elapsed time; how you deal with BAU - or unexpected events and estimation of tasks qhich may never have been done before.

The idea behind giving ownership is that a person tasked with something will do it better, and more efficiently, than if being micro-managed on a day-to-day basis. This is particularly true in creative & professional arenas such as ours.

Other random thoughts on any process changes:

  * It has to be consensual. The council does NOT have the
    power to say "do this (and _kneel_ before Zod)".
    The council represents the community, but the paid
    contributors and Nokia are on (at-least) equal footings.

  * The process shouldn't be overly burdensome for unpaid
    contributors, or they'll be driven away.

  * The process for paid and unpaid contributors should be
    practically the same, to prevent a "them and us"
    mentality arising.



PS. FWIW, unless anything's changed, the first stage of SSO is moving the "shared signon" systems to be "single signon" (e.g. garage, Midgard, Bugzilla etc.). This'd exclude tmo.

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