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From: penguinbait matthew at penguinbait.com
Date: Fri Nov 6 17:31:40 EET 2009
I have to somewhat agree with Andrew Flegg, as I did not intend to make 
more work for anyone.  And these adults with jobs don't need to tell me 
every task they are doing.  This all stemmed from MY confusion over the 
sprint process.  I did not realize the tasks were supposed to be 
completed by the end of each month.  Which is why I was looking for 
status updates. However without a detailed project plan, updates of what 
the person is working on really means little to me as I don't have the 
big picture.  To me deadlines and schedules are more important.  It's 
just some tasks take less than one month, some take more and some people 
are working on multiple tasks within a sprint month.  Well I still think 
that estimated delivery dates would be nice, and a way to see if the 
date is slipping, are important I am not sure if this is necessary since 
the way the sprint process is managed.  The suggestions I have seen so 
far seem like common sense to me.  Add some tags to Qaiku and maybe the 
search links in the notes for each task.  A way to be able to see if one 
task is waiting on another.  If anything I was looking for a way to look 
at the sprint wiki and determine when something may happen, and it turns 
out its not exactly that simple.  I do not think that task owners 
whether paid or not need to report daily, but perhaps a couple sentence 
blurb once per week in Qaiku may be useful whether there is progress or not.

Thanks to everyone for all the useful comments.

Matt Lewis

On 11/06/2009 10:13 AM, Randall Arnold wrote:
>> ext Valerio Valerio wrote:
>>> I trust people, as long they report back in the end of the month is
>>> enough for me, besides that I can found any of the task owners in IRC
>>> and ask about the tasks. We really want more than that ? Would people
>>> care about other kind of reports ? Don't think so.
>> Considering that most of these contributors are getting paid for doing
>> their work yes, we want to know as much as possible as long as they
>> don't end up investing more time reporting than working. :) A couple of
>> lines a day is not too much to ask when you're getting paid n€ the hour.
>> It really makes the difference between knowing that someone is working
>> that day on maemo.org or doing something else, specially if the person
>> is not regularly active in other channels.
>> About 100% volunteers sure enough, that's a different question and it's
>> totally fine not to demand the same frequency and level of reporting.
>> -- 
>> Quim Gil
>> open source advocate
>> Maemo Devices @ Nokia
> I have to agree, and in fact I am paying the price currently for lack of reporting in my current employment.  My boss will work on things and not tell me, leading me to start working on the same items, wasting time.  Even worse, that same scenario plays out across the entire organzation, to where I can safely say that 50% of anyone's time is utterly wasted.
> Let's try to avoid that.
> But to Valerio's point, reporting CAN consume an unreasonable amount of a person's time IF it isn't automated as much as reasonable possible, or requires too many hoops.
> To that extent, I think the suggestions so far are reasonable.  It would be great if more automation could be implemented, but in some cases it's sheer human judgment (like in my current task) so in the end we depend on people taking a brief moment to update things.  Ultimately it serves everyone, even the reporter, because you can save time downstream by not having to answer so many questions.  ; )
> Randy

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