[maemo-community] Sprint Task Status Update SSO

From: Randall Arnold fabricator at cynicalsigns.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 23:22:04 EET 2009
>penguinbait wrote:
>> OK, so I now go look at 9.10-07
>> 9.10-07 	Server migration 	Must 	Ferenc
>> <http://maemo.org/profile/view/feri/> 	0% 	Servers will be available in
>> November only. 	
>> Why will Servers be available in November only?  Is there a purchase
>> your waiting for, a delivery, some code to move, what does this mean? 
>> To me a migration consists of plenty of steps prior to getting a
>> physical box.  I assume ideas and plans for the migration have been
>> discussed and laid out, wouldn't this be greater than 0%.
>I don't know if all the HW is available at the ISP, but what I was told
>is that they will start putting the machines to the rack, connecting
>cables, setting up firewalls, routers, other network elements in
>November. Why? Probably due to paper work between them an Nokia, perhaps
>some resource scheduling, perhaps delayed purchasing. All the work I did
>regarding migration in October was a meeting with Tero and commenting on
>a preliminary server map written by the ISP (comments: 2-3 sentences in
>an email). I don't consider this a progress, hence 0% reported. For
>obvious reasons we do not review server plans in the public. For other
>reasons the guys from the new ISP will not report progress publicly.
>Things started to move forward this week only. Yesterday I sent an email
>about our current server map to the ISP and reported it in #maemork [1].
>Did you miss it?
>> I went to the maemork and read, but I don't see anything about these
>> tasks, nothing informative anyway.
>You found nothing about server move, because nothing happened. It is no
>one's fault. I am on alert with a couple of guys and will be installing
>services as soon as we get the machines. The community will hear from
>the progress.
>> I guess I am looking for a way to actually see whats going on without
>> asking different people questions about every task in the list.  It
>> would be much cleaner to periodically report status and in one location,
>> which would also save on mis-communication and perceived attitudes when
>> people ask questions.
>The #maemork channel [2] on qaiku.com is the place for "semi real time"
>status reporting, isn't it? Personally I don't mind copy-pasting my
>qaiku messages to an email, if somebody would prefer that. I just see no
>added value in it.
>> This all stemmed from me trying to get involved to help in any way with
>> the SSO task as it is VERY important to ME.  I finally found out that
>> the task is actually not 0% and its waiting for another task to
>> complete.  So prior to sending out an email to Ferenc asking if there
>> was anyway I could help with that task, I decided to find out what the
>> heck I am supposed to be reading to find this out.
>SSO: please talk to Daniel [3] and Alexey [4]. I am not involved with
>SSO. One thing for sure: server migration comes without SSO.
>> I point this out as I believe I am far from the only one with this
>> confusion and I think its an obstacle to getting more people involved on
>> a project or task.  Furthermore I really don't think 4-5 edits in a wiki
>> a month is too much to ask for.  Although hating wiki's myself, I am not
>> against another form to provide status updates, as long as they are
>> consistent among tasks and easy to find.
>I always report _if_ there is progress made.
>> As a council member, I believe its my job to get more people and the
>> right people involved in the tasks that I think benefit the community. 
>> The difficulty became for me finding out what people are working on and
>> what roadblocks or obstacles are in there way.
>Sure thing, I know the rules. Talking about myself only: I am happy to
>inform you, or anybody about my tasks, progress, whatever related to
>Maemo. I did not receive many questions about my activities in the past,
>maybe this will change now. No problem, I will be happy answering your
>questions. If I am not able to answer I will tell you whom else to
>contact ;)
>> While I do not want to become another obstacle to any task, I would like
>> to see more informative status updates be placed into the Sprint pages. 
>> Especially on any sprint task with the priority of "must". 
>> Matt Lewis
>[2] maemork - status reports from maemo staff
>[3] Daniel's maemo profile
>[4] Alexey's maemo profile

Ferenc, thanks very much for that, extremely helpful at least for me (I was not part of original discussion).  Your time is appreciated.

Randy (Texrat)
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