[maemo-community] Orphan page update

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 9 11:50:06 EET 2009

I should have some time today evening.


2009/11/9 Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org>

> Hi all,
> All the easy pickings are gone now - we're down to 103 orphaned pages,
> and to get that lower we're going to need to start modifying and
> organising content, all the pages that could just be deleted have been
> handled.
> One example of an orphaned page, and how we might get rid of it:
> * Maemo.org writers crash course
> Headed: "This page is a DRAFT being discussed in the maemo-community
> list" - if memory serves, the draft dates from before the Summer holidays.
> Goal of the page: Inform people who want to help improve maemo.org what
> the entry points are, and how they can get started.
> So - questions we can ask:
> * Is the goal of the page being met?
>  - Partly, still missing instructions on adding events, adding pages to
> Downloads, and contributing to the wiki
> * Can the page benefit from being renamed?
>  - Perhaps, I thought it was a page for writing guidelines from the
> title, rather than instructions on helping out with maemo.org
> * Where would the page fit in the hierarchy?
>  - It could probably go into the "Community" block on the front page of
> the wiki, and could definitely go in the "Getting involved" page.
>  - It's worth asking if there are other similar resources that could be
> grouped together in one new page, which would fit in the hierarchy more
> neatly? In this case, I think "not yet".
> So - how do we un-orphan it?
>  - Suggest a name change: "Writing maemo.org content"
>  - Add a link to the page in "Getting involved"
>  - Consider adding a link in the community block of the wiki front page
> (although that block is currently getting a bit long, so probably not).
>  - Add missing content!!! (TODO)
> And we just need to do that process for 102 other pages.
> Anyone have some time to do this for one page today?
> There is one namespace which I think we should leave be for the moment -
> and that's Mer: there are about 20 pages starting Mer/ and I guess it
> will be up to that project's maintainers how they organise that content
> to ensure that it's linked to from the wiki.
> Thanks all!
> Dave.
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