[maemo-community] App with highest app-karma on frontpage

From: Alexey Zakhlestin indeyets at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 11 17:57:00 EET 2009
On 11.11.2009, at 18:27, Dave Neary wrote:

> Hi,
> Alexey Zakhlestin wrote:
>> http://maemo.org/downloads/score/OS2008/25/
>> http://maemo.org/downloads/score/Maemo5/25/
> Looks good! Out of interest, where is app karma documented? I saw your
> simulations of what the formula looked like, and just re-read the app
> karma thread from August, but I'm afraid I didn't figure out what
> formula we're using now for app karma.

main formula:

$rating = ($yesterday * 0.999)
             + 0.1 * ($avg_d_this_week - $avg_d_last_week)
             + 0.1 * ($avg_c_this_week - $avg_c_last_week)
             + 0.1 * ($avg_v_this_week - $avg_v_last_week);

d = downloads
c = comments
v = votes

additionally, we use "fake" formula for apps which do not have enough  
stats (appeared less than 14 days ago):

"100" on the first day
and then each day "$yesterday + 0.001" if stats are better then  
yesterday and "$yesterday - 0.001" if stats are worse.

this way, new apps will stay close to the base score with minimal  
after they have enough stats they will be recalculated using proper  

>> Currently, we show 2 apps on the frontpage:
>> 1) "Hot app" (the app with highest rating)
>> 2) "Fresh app" (the most recent app)
>> I think we should replace #1. right? :)
> Yes; it might also be interesting to have a short list with the 2nd  
> and
> 3rd place apps underneath (also for Fresh).

sounds like a plan for a new task :)

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