[maemo-community] URGENT! Updating the info for flashing

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Date: Mon Nov 16 13:30:04 EET 2009

[jot] Thanks about feedback...
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Subject: Re: URGENT! Updating the info for flashing


(review of issues with tablets-dev front page)

On http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/ the link to "Maemo 5 for Nokia N900"
doesn't work: http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/nokia_N900.php gives a 404.

[jot]  Tero Kojo and Daniel will fix these (I suppose by adding N900 image there :).

The link to the flashers is still http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/d3.php
which looks very similar to the maemo-dev-env-downloads.php page.

[jot] This link is valid only for Nokia 770 users. N8x0 and N900 users will get their flasher-3.5 from official Maemo Development Environment Downloads page here 

The link to maemo-de-env-downloads.php says "Maemo 4.1.2 Diablo kernel
patch and new kernel image for USB Networking on Windows, ver 0.4" - is
that correct?

[jot] Yes this is correct and official Diablo fix for development environment. Diablo device kernel needs to be updated USB Networking to function with Windows host PC. This is generic bug in Linux kernel (version Diablo has by default) that got fixed to kernel upstream and that I back ported to Diablo.
[jot] Fremantle version of kernel includes this fix by default.

Can someone with access please update this page to make sure the
information is correct? And if we're not sending people to flasher-3.0
any more, I recommend removing the d3 link altogether and indicating
that the flasher is in the dev-tools bundle.

[jot] We should remove other than Nokia 770 flashers from that d3 page (and put them here http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/old-maemo-dev-env-downloads.php). 

[jot] Or maybe somebody could test if flasher-3.5 tool can actually be used also for N770 flashing as I have not tested that at all. Maybe we are lucky and flasher-3.5 supports also Nokia 770 hw and images.



Quim Gil wrote:
> Hi,
> We will publish officially the Maemo 5 sales release *very soon*. I just
> overlooked the fact that the public documentation for flashing is quite
> outdated and many people will look for it e.g. the Summit participants
> that got a pre-production N900 with beta software.
> Flasher 3.5 was released recently with support for all linuxes but also
> Windows and mac OS X:
> http://maemo.org/news/announcements/maemo_flasher-3-5_tool_final_for_fremantle_and_diablo_released/
> The software can be downloaded from
> http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/maemo-dev-env-downloads.php
> The documentation, however, is only reachable in the installation files.
> Nothing that Google is aware of.
> Because of this, http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware is
> outdated specially for Windows and Mac users.
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Flasher is ok-ish for core Linux users since the
> 3.0 instructions mostly work for 3.5 without changes, but it says
> nothing about Windows and Mac.
> It says nothing about flashing the eMMC either. This is something that
> in principle regular users don't need to be aware of, but it's very
> important for those that got a pre-production device since they will
> need to reflash the eMMC in order to get the N900 as it comes out of the
> sales box.
> I'm not even a Windows/Mac user so (as shameful as it is) I reckon
> having no clue now about how these users are supposed to flash their
> devices. Can I beg some (urgent) help from the Nokians and community
> writers related to the pages linked above? It will save us many
> questions in lists and forums.
> Thank you!

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