[maemo-community] URGENT! Updating the info for flashing

From: Tim Samoff samoff at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 16 17:35:33 EET 2009
Seriously, this is all SO confusing (and always has been) for regular (i.e., Not dev) users. Regular users should never havek to visit a "download" page, let alone a wiki page if they don't want to.

A CD should be included in the device package that contains installable GUI "device management" apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac. These apps should have an auto-update preference (on launch, every week/month/whatever). The app should not only recognize the current device firmware version, but be able to download and install a new one if needed. It should also be able to perform the same bakup/restore functionality that the device does...

I know you all have an iPhone/Pod or have used one before. All of this stuff should be brainless and require very little documentation at all. Especially, not documentation about a 770 flasher for Mac, when most new N900 users won't even know what "770" or "N8xx" (or even "WiMAX") means -- all of this is on the top of the wiki page.

Anyway... Just my two cents. And, I know I'm jumping into this conversation late (or, early, if we start talking about Harmattan).



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> Hi Jarmo,
> Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
> > The link to the flashers is still http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/d3.php
> > which looks very similar to the maemo-dev-env-downloads.php page.
> >
> > [jot] This link is valid only for Nokia 770 users. N8x0 and N900 users will
> > get their flasher-3.5 from official Maemo Development Environment Downloads
> > page here  http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/maemo-dev-env-downloads.php
> It's quite confusing them, since the link just says "Linux, MacOS X
> flashers"
> > > The link to maemo-dev-env-downloads.php says "Maemo 4.1.2 Diablo kernel
> > > patch and new kernel image for USB Networking on Windows, ver 0.4" - is
> > > that correct?
> >
> > [jot] Yes this is correct and official Diablo fix for development environment.
> > Diablo device kernel needs to be updated USB Networking to function with
> > Windows host PC. This is generic bug in Linux kernel (version Diablo has by
> > default) that got fixed to kernel upstream and that I back ported to Diablo.
> > [jot] Fremantle version of kernel includes this fix by default.
> I think the link should include something about "Including utilities for
> reflashing firmware" or something similar.
> > [jot] We should remove other than Nokia 770 flashers from that d3 page (and
> > put them here http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/old-maemo-dev-env-downloads.php).
> At least change the link so that it says "Flashers for Nokia 770"
> instead of just flashers? Perhaps organise the page so that all the N900
> stuff is up top, and the rest is underneath in a "Legacy firmare &
> tools" section?
> Cheers,
> Dave.
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