[maemo-community] individuals being able to join Ovi store

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Tue Nov 17 23:25:56 EET 2009
Please see original communications below.  The subject is "how can
indiduals without a business affiliation sell on Ovi?".  Currently they
are bing rejected:


Can we encourage a broadening of policy?  Should we?

Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

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  On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Randall Arnold <texrat at ovi.com>

    I'm starting this on the council list because I think we should
    champion the cause... but I'm okay with this moving to the
    Community list at any time.

    I really believe we need to address the issue of individual
    developers being unable to to sell through Ovi without being
    incorporated.  One of the reasons I started the LinkedIn group
    maemo daemons was to explore the idea of a loose consortium setup
    for this purpose.

  Oh, I thought if you pay the 50 € you can sell things as a
  individual, does that changed ?
  I've friends selling things through OVI (S60) and they aren't a legal
  identity, maybe it varies from country to country.

  Anyway this should be moved to the community list, you've my support

  Thanks for catch this issue.

  Best regards,

  Valério Valério



    I'm no expert in this area but I will definitely facilitate what
    I can, if there's a way to resolve this with some sort of

    Latest thread on the subject:


    Randall (Randy) Arnold
    maemo.org community council

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