[maemo-community] OS2008 Downloads in the maemo.org home, still

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Thu Nov 19 15:55:53 EET 2009
Hi again,

Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> Hello,
> Timo Pelkonen wrote:
>> screenshots aren't as important as showing right software selection imo
> I will switch the downloads page to show Maemo 5 apps. It has already
> been enabled for about a minute last week, but I reverted it to OS2008,
> since the "hot" application had no screenshot and there was no "fresh"
> pick at all.
Frontpage updated.

> The page does not check if an app has a screenshot or not. I will check
> how difficult to implement is. Shouldn't be, but still, I am not 100%
> familiar with the code.
I was wrong. It does check if the app has a screenshot or not, but it
does not take the next app, in case there is no screenshot. It just
displays the image with the big question mark.
However the code -in its current form- is not able to select the 'nth'
application from a list, so can't really look for the 1st "proper"
application in a loop, for example.

> I like Alexey's suggestion about showing the "top-karma" app, but let's
> do that once we get the "hot" and "fresh" picks appearing there first.
Alexey: I am using this URL to load the "hottest" Maemo5 apps:

Isn't that actually the URL for the top karma app? If yes, then we
solved the problem..

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