[maemo-community] Maemo Weekly News: a proposal

From: Reggie Suplido reggie at internettablettalk.com
Date: Sun Nov 22 18:19:16 EET 2009
I think this is a great project. I have some suggestions though.

1. If this is a weekly summary of 'hot topics', there should be links
to the discussion threads at Talk, or if none, a way to discuss the
article somewhere, preferably in Talk.

2. Over at Maemo Talk, I always try link to an existing discussion at
Talk so discussion is well contained. I hope this new system can
create a thread automatically at Talk and tweet every time a new
article is created.

3. If folks are open to creating a new section in maemo.org to make
this happen, I suggest to use Wordpress to run it. I can even run it
on the same server where Talk is running, and install the plug-in I
created (used at itT) to create a new thread automatically at Talk. I
can also customize the theme to match maemo.org. It's RSS feed can
then be added to News so it appears there automatically.

4. Since there will be several folks involved in this project, I
suggest a place for all the staff to talk about the article for the
week. I can create a staff-only forum at Talk, or another good place
is Socialcast ( http://socialcast.com/ ). Socialcast is being used by
several big news sites sites so staff can communicate easily with one
another -- it's free.

Lastly, I would like to volunteer:

* username: Reggie (TMO), rsuplido (maemo.org)
* postition: Editor
* bio: owner/editor of Maemo Talk, itT, and several other enthusiast
sites. IT consultant / Technical lead / Web Developer



On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 10:37 AM, Tim Samoff <samoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> * maemo.org username: timsamoff
> * Position wanted: contributor
> * One/two sentence bio:
> Long-time Maemo/maemo.org supporter, two-term Maemo Community Council
> member, designer, blogger, bionic man.
> --
> http://samoff.com
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