[maemo-community] Maemo Weekly News: a proposal

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Nov 23 11:33:48 EET 2009

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> ~~~~
> A weekly news digest of key useful/informative/interesting/insightful
> news from all Maemo news sources. Similar in style and approach to
> Linux Weekly News:
>    http://lwn.net/Articles/360596/

Seems like a great idea!

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The key to its success is to produce something which is useful,
> integrated and deterministic; but without being a massive resource
> hog.

I've seen a "weekly news" digest produced with Delicious and RSS previously.

When you come across something useful for the weekly news, you share it
on delicious. Then you configure a blog posting here:

and you get a daily digest of links with the description text you put in
when saving the link.

You could also make it weekly with a small script that queries your RSS
feed and then sends a formatted post via RPC to your blog that you run
on a separate machine via a cron job.

(Just a suggestion to lighten the load).


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