[maemo-community] Maemo Weekly News: a proposal

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Mon Nov 23 11:51:35 EET 2009
Andrew Flegg schrieb:
>    * maemo.org username

>    * Position wanted (contributor/sub-editor/editor)

>    * One/two sentence bio.
Active in maemo.org since May of 2008. Most of my maemo-time I spend in 
bugs.maemo.org reporting new bugs and discussions with developers what 
is a feature and what a bug. ;) I also try to blog maemo related stuff 
on my website.

Ciao, Uwe
Uwe Kaminski
Mail: jukey at ju-key.de
Web: http://internettabletblog.de
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