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From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 26 14:02:40 EET 2009
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> Hi,
> On Nov 25, 2009, at 11:24 PM, Valerio Valerio wrote:
> > Please share your opinion, we need to decide about this asap.
> Maemo's biggest competitive edge (compared to for example the iPhone) 
> is the freedom it offers to its users. From that point of view the CLI 
> apps should definitely be available.
> Cheers, Roald

This depends fully about the area where we draw the line. IMO xterm should be kept away from the users in general. And if you really need it, it is still there. But when using it you cross the line and become power user and should have deep enough knowledge to know where to search for command line apps.

I, as a maemo greeter, have no motivation reading and replying to threads about "went to xterm and fcked ewerything totally up by copypasting commands I didn't uderstand. Lets go and burn Nokia headquarters!!!!" or similar. So called noise that hides 10 excellent threads from peoples eyes (as can be seen in t.m.o when looking shipping -threads for example)

Hope you understand what I mean...

What about creating a new category to extras - testing for stable command line apps? Or if somebody comes up with better idea, please share!

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