[maemo-community] Command line apps & Extras

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Nov 26 15:47:22 EET 2009

Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> While I agree this is a painful user experience, there is room to
> make this less painful. An app with GUI could be made to pull down
> apps that were once on the device. From debian reference;
> To make a local copy of the package selection states:
> # dpkg --get-selections "*" > myselections
> You can transfer this file to another computer, and install it there
> with:
> # dselect update
> # dpkg --set-selections < myselections
> # dselect install

Now, if only we could somehow hard-code knowledge of the appropriate
commands to run into the minds of N900 owners who want to run a
terminal, we'd be fine...


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