[maemo-community] Requesting an election for Unicode characters

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Fri Nov 27 14:11:13 EET 2009
On Friday 27 November 2009 11:54:38 Quim Gil wrote:
> Question: ç
> Sort the following characters by preference: first the one you need more
> and last the one you need less.
> $ % & ( ) < = > \  _ | ~ £ €
> ordered by the unicode values for neutrality ;)

You might want to make it clear that people should consider their usage on 
mobile devices.  For example, I almost never use £ on my main computer but 
often use _ \ and | but on my tablet I almost never use _ \ or | but use £ 
much more.  This is because on the tablet I send text messages much more 
often than using the shell but on my main computer it is the other way 

Also, I think you want to say which do you "use" more not "need" more.  I am 
assuming that all will be available somehow (some special character screen).  
For example, when I use | I **really** need it -- there is nothing else I can 
type instead.  On the other hand, when I use £ I don't really need it -- I 
can always type GBP instead.  But I use £ much more than |.

So, my suggested question:

Sort the following characters by preference for easy access on a future mobile 
device keyboard: first the one you use most and last the one you use least.

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