[maemo-community] Brainstorm: useful?

From: Oskari Kokko oskari.kokko at iki.fi
Date: Sun Nov 29 23:00:51 EET 2009
Hi all

The month is nearly ending, but still managed to finalize everyting else
except activity log regarding what was assigned to me.

So, on internal, there is now latest version of brainstorm. So, feel
free to test the look and feel it has now.

Automoderation is disabled by default, but you can go to component
config on brainstorm and see what kind of configurations there is.
Automoderation is run in cron daily.

I don't have enought permissions to install things to the live site, so
I need someone else to do it. But there is couple major changes, so
whoever is doing the upgrade, please contact me, so that I can inform
you about what you need to do so that the upgrade goes smoothly.

If there is something that you find hard, feel free to comment.

I try to finalize activity log next week.


Quim Gil wrote:
> Ooopps!  Thabnks for the work and good luck with the recovery. Now I
> think that maybe I missed your reporting in Qaiku. (Really busy these
> days and I haven't been following
> http://www.qaiku.com/channels/show/maemork/ in the past weeks.  :(

Oskari "Osku" Kokko
oskari.kokko at iki.fi
+35850 3838 513
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