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Date: Wed Nov 25 13:41:09 EET 2009
information, not an email address and even less a mailing list. If it's
indeed for developers then http://maemo.org/development/

About the content itself, I think it's overpromising and not very
informative, actually. Your own feedback about the current Extras QA
process is not "development nirvana". Nor it is publishing in Ovi, again
according to your feedback. Qt 4.6 for Maemo is in some alpha-ish state
now. We are seeing the feedback from new developers dealing with the SDK
and the Virtual image and the documentation...

I would rather put the marketing time making sure the "development
nirvana" pieces are easy to find and well documented, with a special
focus in newcomers getting started.


I would stress the great aspects of maemo.org to Maemo enthusiasts:
Download, rate and comment on apps, get support and discuss with peers
at Talk, get community testing for your apps and a free distribution
channel at Extras... This is what is really excellent and unique in
maemo.org and this is what no company can promote as good as real
community marketing.

Note the overlapping tasks this latter proposal would have with the
effort to revamp http://maemo.org/intro -

That task is stagnant mainly because of my fault. If you want we can
join efforts, you end up having a brochure and I end up having an Intro
page finished.

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Devices @ Nokia
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