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Date: Wed Nov 25 13:41:09 EET 2009
point of view of being a template design for meet-ups & developer
events, some space should be lefy for the various questions which need
answering for people to show up (what, where, when, why). In fact, event
flyers typically need nothing more than an eye-catching image or two
with the four Ws.

Then again, perhaps I misunderstand the word "flyer" in this sense, and
this is intended to be a general informative pamphlet. In which case, in
addition to the image of the N900, it might be good to have some
screenshots of community-created apps, and reduce the text to the
key-words you want to emphasise:
* Community development & collaboration
* Open platform
* Free software (please please don't use the phrase "open source freeware")
* maemo.org

And, I agree with Quim, you have to be able to answer some basic
questions with a pamphlet: who is it for, and why should they be
interested. It's a mini-presentation, and the same rules apply as those
I addressed in my lightning talk on good presentations. First, audience
& motivation (who is interested, and why?). Second, narrative (what is
my story?). Third, presentation design (how do I present my story?).
Fourth, delivery - getting your story into the hands, eyes & ears of the
people you feel should care.


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