[maemo-community] Relaunching the Wiki Action Group

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Oct 15 12:30:08 EEST 2009

Thomas Waelti wrote:
> For communications: I suggest we get a separate discussion list. Or shall we ab-use this one? Might get spammy.

I'm definitely in favour of using this one until it becomes obvious that
we need something apart. Remember, Linux was announced, and lived very
happily for over a year, on comp.os.minix.

Most of our work will be in the wiki, in any case, so I don't imagine
that we will be swamping everyone's mailbox.

> We need usertype-specific categories to flag articles for the appropriate audience:
> New Users / Advanced Users / Power Users / Casual Developers. Application developers. Platform developpers.

We have those - good start :) We can of course improve them. But not so
granular as they become unusable.

> Quality feedback or "usable yes/no" feedbacks is needed.

I agree - we should figure out if there's a mediawiki module that will
allow us to gather this feedback.

> Categories/Labels for each major version of maemo to make it easier to weed out outdated stuff.
> Use colored text to "fade away" very old articles?

Mmmm... I'm not a fan of this. Archive docs for older versions, and we
should try to actively maintain (IMHO) the latest release, the previous
release & the upcoming release. That means in a few months we'll be
juggling Harmattan, Fremantle and Diablo. That's enough, I think. If
people want to add or update docs for older versions, then they are free
to do so, but anything older than N800 is more or less considered legacy

> PS: One question about maemo.org in general: Is it really only "The Home
> of the Maemo Community, an open source community developing software
> around the Maemo platform" as stated in the intro. What is our stance
> about the end users?

End users who engage maemo.org are members of the community. Developing
the software and platform doesn't mean writing code, but it means more
than using the devices.


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