[maemo-community] Wiki Action Group: first task

From: Kai Thomsen thomsenk at t-online.de
Date: Fri Oct 16 21:15:23 EEST 2009

You are certainly right there, sorry ;-)
I'll post pages that I think should be deleted in bugzilla if that seems
like the best way to do that.


> Hi,
> Kai Thomsen wrote:
> > Valerio, I'm in the same boat as Anderson, Can you please assign me
> > rights to delete pages too? 
> Just to say, there's a reason users don't have that right by default.
> I think we need to know who has permissions on the wiki, and have
> guidelines on contributions and getting extra permissions, in the way we
> do for Bugzilla.
> A nice start would be to start contributing edits to the wiki, and
> suggestion deletions in the Maemowiki_Action_Group page or in bugzilla -
> there are enough people who can help that we can get what you want to
> have done done quickly.
> Thanks for understanding!
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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