[maemo-community] A business case for Maemo

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Fri Oct 16 21:57:45 EEST 2009
Thanks Dave and Quim.

Just to expand and clarify...

I was looking for a way external to maemo.org to organize some
third-party enterprise activity.  Not sure if my original idea is even
worth pursuing... but it never hurts to get people thinking.  I do still
think that expanding the circle of websites referencing maemo will be A
Good Thing.  ; )

However, I'm thinking I may start by creating a LinkedIn group first and
see how that goes.

As for Maemo employment-- right now I would like nothing more!  That is
definietly where my passion and interests lie.  Unfortunately there are
few to no roles for my meager soft skills, and the 1 or two I've seen
that came close required relocation that I am unable to do.  I keep
holding out hope for a virtual or Dallas-based role...

Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

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> Hi,
> ext Dave Neary wrote:
> > I came across this wiki page today when tidying some stuff up:
> > http://wiki.maemo.org/Companies_in_Maemo_development - there are
> > of course, but this list more or less didn't exist at all 5 years ago
> > showing you that there are already collective opportunities out
> > and the Maemo community may well be the place to advertise your
> > Maemo-related services.
> btw, now that maemo.org is an independent site please use that wiki
> or whatever better alternative to highlight companies and professionals
> ready to work on Maemo. There is demand already, and not only from
> as usual, but also from other companies willing to get software and
> services integrated to Maemo. I see no reason why this demand won't
> Also, if you want to work on maemo for a living make sure
> http://forum.nokia.com/maemo knows about you. They can help you in many
> ways.
> maemo.org can help developers being aware of this.
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