[maemo-community] Wiki Action Group: first task

From: Thomas Waelti twaelti at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 19 23:33:14 EEST 2009
>> Just one thing first: some of the orphaned pages aren't really orphaned,
>> but "just" got linked the wrong way, by using an external instead of an
>> internal link. Remember this when cleaning up.
> Good point! Do you have any hints on finding these?

Either I succeeded in cleaning all of the pages or our search engines are not good enough... :-(
Neither searching the wiki for "[http://wiki.maemo" nor googling ""[http://wiki.maemo.org/" -retrieved site:wiki.maemo.org" was any help.

>> Clean up the intro of  http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemowiki_Action_Group
>> somewhat. Can the docmaster do that?
> Sure - anyone can do that. What's unclear to you?

Current misssion focus. Especially the midgard transition and readying the templates - isn't that mostly done?

>> Could we just use a category "Trash" to mark pages for deletion?
> Yes, adding a Trash category for pages marked for deletion is a good
> idea - go for it!

Will do.

>> Let's add OS-related categories such as OS2008/Maemo5/Mer. Otherwise we
>> will end up with a large mishmash of stuff.
> Does that approach scale? I've thought about this before - is there
> really a need for "OS2008/USB networking" and "OS2009/USB networking"? I
> can certainly understand subsections for pages which are specific to a
> distribution but for general tutorials or hints & tips, I don't think
> they're necessary. Of course, the problem is that the lines blur - stuff
> that was hard under OS2007 got easier in OS2008 and needs new
> instructions - but that's the general principle.

Yes it should scale - my idea is to apply these OS categories rather like labels, not doing content-related subcategories under them. So you have an article in the networking category, valid for OS2008. Or one on packaging (category development), valid for OS2008 and Maemo5. This would make it easier than to add OS-specific subsections in each article if there isn't anything to say. OTOH, we should put networking as a subcategory under connectivity.
I'll try to order and subcategorize our categories, building a category tree.

>> The results of this discussion should go to either the "Maemo Wiki
>> Principles" subsection the the action group OR
>> http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Documentation_rules (which one? I'd prefer
>> the latter)
> I'd prefer to start moving away from the "Task:" nomenclature - I don't
> think it adds much, and it makes page names a bit more awkward.
> How about "Editing guidelines" or "Documentation guidelines"?

Let's keep it in our subsection for the moment, we can still create a new page later if necessary (too many stubs out there already :-)

>> Which brings up another needed cleanup: Instead of being part of the
>> category "Tasks", some pages only have the prefix "Task:". I suggest
>> that all tasks be categorized as such and that we refrain from using the
>> Task: prefix.
> Oh good - we're in agreement on this :)

Do we clean that up then? Would mean to move all "Task:" pages to the same pagename without the "Task:" prefix, and categorizing as Task if not yet done.


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