[maemo-community] Wiki category for Python/PyMaemo pages? (was: Re: Wiki watched pages including diffs?)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Oct 20 17:00:45 EEST 2009

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> Is there any policy on the Maemo wiki for creating categories?

The policy is the same as the wikipedia policy:

That is, "Categories should be useful for readers to find and navigate
sets of related articles."

In fact, wikipedia's policies and guidelines in general are decent:

> In a related question, what would be the best category to put the
> PyMaemo wiki pages? Personally, I prefer the "Python" category because
> then we could monitor everything related to Python in the wiki
> (assuming the existing pages are added to the new category).

I like "Python" it is more general, and doesn't require any existing
knowledge of Maemo.

For Mer, having a "Mer" category makes more sense.


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