[maemo-community] How about upgrading bandwidth for maemo.org?

From: Milos Mandaric milos at manda.com.ba
Date: Thu Oct 29 11:59:39 EET 2009
У чет, 29. 10 2009. у 10:33 +0100, Andrea Grandi пише:
> Hi all,
> maybe the growing interest for N900 made lot of users/developers to
> visit maemo.org website more than ever.
> For this reason maemo.org is getting so slow in these days... wiki,
> planet, garage ecc... all these components are affected by slowness.
> It would be great to think about upgrading maemo.org bandwidth or move
> it to a new (faster) server.
> Is it already in your plans? Any roadmap about this?
> Best regards,

I can also confirm this. It is painfully slow these days. 

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