[maemo-community] How about upgrading bandwidth for maemo.org?

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Date: Thu Oct 29 12:40:01 EET 2009
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> Subject: How about upgrading bandwidth for maemo.org?
> Hi all,
> maybe the growing interest for N900 made lot of 
> users/developers to visit maemo.org website more than ever.
> For this reason maemo.org is getting so slow in these days... 
> wiki, planet, garage ecc... all these components are affected 
> by slowness.

Yes, about 10x increase in page hits per day from the July average.

> It would be great to think about upgrading maemo.org 
> bandwidth or move it to a new (faster) server.

Not think, but do. The bandwidth to the outside is not the current bottleneck, but the servers themselves. The load averages are pretty insane.

> Is it already in your plans? Any roadmap about this?

Yes, it's on the roadmap. http://wiki.maemo.org/ISP_Move is where I collected some of the things that need to happen.

Schedule is such that we are waiting for the new ISP to get their machine room wired and hardware boxes set up, after which we'll start setting up the services. Setting up is no picnic, so I expect a switchover somewhere in December. I hope earlier, but let's see.


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