[maemo-community] Council Nomination: Randall Arnold (Texrat)

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Mon Sep 7 20:28:28 EEST 2009
Sure Andre.

First some history.  As the QA engineer for tablet products in 2006 I worked tirelessly to ensure quality of N800 devices, developing test and training plans above and beyond what the program had provided.  When I discovered that a growing community of developers was hungry for Nokia interaction, I began volunteering my time to help where I could.  As many know that partially consisted of dropping hints to maintain community interest, but it also included providing support to the community as well as communicating community concerns to the proper Nokia channels.  I ran an internal blog called "The Long Tail" that frequently highlighted tablet issues.  When our factory shut down, I intercepted N800 faceplates destined for scrap and provided them free to interested community members.

I also have many years experience in programming and product design which I believe helps me identify with consumer needs.

These are various examples describing my interest in the products and the high desire for them to succeed.  As a council member I will continue to devote my energies to improving the community-corporate relationship and advocating the product line to the general public (while also working to ensure the average user does not get lost in the process).  As a former Nokia employee I understand the culture and motivations behind many product decisions but at the same time I strive to be objective enough not to always accept them as excuses.  ; )


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> Am Montag, den 07.09.2009, 11:38 -0500 schrieb Randall Arnold:
> > After much thought the past several days I've decided to go ahead and
> > run for a council position. If I can post as much as I do, I can
> > instead divert that time to council activities and would gladly do so!
> Can I get a statement why I should vote for you? :-)
> andre
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