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From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Wed Sep 16 05:58:06 EEST 2009
Definitely council lead material.  ; )

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  Thanks guys for the encouragement. After some reflection I accept


  Name: Valério Domingos Valério
  Nickname: VDVsx
  Company: none relevant to Maemo

  About me:

  * Currently I'm a MSc researcher at University of Évora, Portugal,
  and in the last years I have actively participated in several OSS
  projects and community's.

  * I joined the Maemo Community about an year ago. After the
  development of BlueMaemo, I received some very positive feedback from
  the community, that made me stick around.

  * During my studies, I've done facilitator roles, that in my opinion
  can help me and the community if I'm elected. I also have a passion
  for organizing events/initiatives and make things happen.

  * I consider myself a normal guy, in my free time I like to watch
  football, cinema, listen rock music and do some sports.

  My past participation and future goals:

  In the last year, I actively contributed to our community as a
  programmer, but also organized some initiatives as Andrew said. The
  big one's were the Google Summer of Code participation and more
  recently the schedule of the community days of the Maemo Summit (I
  really like to organize things :) ).

  I'm not that 'vocal' as some of the other candidates. I like to have
  good discussions and believe that some talk is needed in order to
  reach good decisions for the community, but I don't like to ramble
  too much. Actually my philosophy of work is "more action and less
  talk" ;).

  I'm a coder not a politic, so I also don't have a agenda ;) , but I
  do have a strong willing of help our community that gave me so much.
  I can promise that If I'm selected I will work as I can to help our
  community to improve even more.

  Selected or not, I intend to continue among our community, developing
  new initiatives and help the grow of the community.

  Questions about me or my intentions are welcome :) .



  Valério Valério

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