[maemo-community] Council nomination: Gary Birkett (lcuk)

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Thu Sep 17 14:03:11 EEST 2009

gary liquid wrote:
> Hi,
> I have decided to stand for the council this time round after having my
> ear bent from many people.
> I have been active in the community for the last 18 months and have been
> hanging out in irc and the regular channels and hacking away at my
> liqbase software during this time.
> During this time I have spoken with lots of people in the community and
> have tried to create simple and personal computing apps which connect us
> at a human level.
> There has always been a strong desire to use the best software we can
> find/create/use on all our maemo devices and give the best experience
> possible on each of them.
> Coupled with this, has always been a strong need for optimization in the
> mobile devices platform and have always been on hand to help and assist
> with projects and mechanisms.
> My experiences with liqbase allows me to help people get the most out of
> with GTK and QT and SDL or PYGAME to find the best path through a problem.
> I am a firm believer in core solid basic principles and help and
> encourage anybody hacking on the platform, creating new and innovative
> apps and hacks makes it interesting for all.
> Coaxing these hacks and lessons into the general community is a
> practical useful thing and will help the platform to florish over the
> coming years :)
> A further aspect of my candidature is collaborative commercial work.
> I recently took part in the onedotzero adventures in motion festival
> where I was asked to construct a remote control device for their
> identity installation.
> Whilst at the festival there was a great deal of interest in using the
> platform to create bespoke custom applications for installations and
> projects people have.
> I would like to further this commercial interest and create a mechanism
> for other interested parties to connect developers with commercial
> entities to bring their ideas and bespoke applications to life whilst
> putting food on the table of the extremely hard working developers
> within the community.
> Gary Birkett
> Open Source,
> Open Heart,
> Open Future.
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