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From: gary liquid liquid at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 21 12:23:18 EEST 2009

Nokia is gearing up towards releasing the greatly anticipated N900 device
which allows each and every one of us to use and create our dream apps in!
They have listened to the community and it has sourced the best components
it can to produce what I say is an outstanding piece of technological magic.

Our heritage is strong, this device follows from the n800 and n810 and the
good, solid, strong applications we created there will continue to be
beacons in the night.
Those same applications appear to work well on the new device and give us a
solid path towards the future.

With the new device comes new capabilities, features and interfaces and
methods of interacting we have not had before.
I am confident new apps will emerge which will make use of each and every
component and people will find ever inventive tools and hacks to make this
device shine!

We have already started on this path, there is a great amount of interest in
using the accelerometer, from things like Jaffas' Attitude to Sampo playing
with shake2control and even my own onedotzero and liqbase apps.  I am
impressed by the stability and sensitivity of the hardware in all

The Nokia Push N900 initiative has shown some of the capabilities of sending
text messages and controlling the environment with radio waves.
We have an amazing camera on the device - another missing link from the
previous devices, very warmly recieved and in full use every day!

Next month, we have the second maemo summit in Amsterdam - bigger than last
year but with the same agenda: to bring us together and connect us.
I look forward to the connections and collaborations we will make there and
hope we each fulfill our dreams.

The hardware is powerful, the operating system is slick, the community is
A chorus of voices.

We are maemo.

Gary Birkett (Maemo Council candidate)

Open source
Open heart
Open future
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