[maemo-community] Council brainstorm

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Thu Aug 12 23:14:47 EEST 2010
Greetings all,

The concept of the maemo.org community council is being challenged and the MeeGo community is finally becoming one-- perfect confluence of events I think to start seriously discussing what sort of community council would be needed going forward. I have several thoughts on the subject. Some may seem tangential but bear with me, there's a single vector at the end. ;) The final opinion though does not necessarily depend on the sum of all others.

1. I'd like to see Maemo moved underneath the auspices of the Linux Foundation. Maybe a pipe dream, but I think just the mere change in governance could help with perception issues if nothing else. I am sure Nokia may have solid reasons for opposing this, but that would be my wish.

2. The need for a maemo.org council is, IMO, possibly diminishing just as the need for a MeeGo one grows, and there's a lot of overlap. So maybe it makes sense for a council to straddle both worlds simultaneously. There would of course be identity and voting challenges but nothing insurmountable.

3. I think the council should come under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. That would certainly help focus the purpose and would be the way to go for MeeGo.

4. I think we should be ready to provide an announcement of whatever we decide or at least a select time to discuss this in person at the MeeGo Conference. We did not do this formally at Maemo Summit 2009 but I believe the changes we're experiencing now necessitate a council strategy session for MC2010. Maybe that should be a BoF?

I have other ideas about MeeGo governance in general but they're not directly relevant to this subject so I'll address them separately.


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