[maemo-community] email address as bugtracker link for non-small projects?

From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Aug 25 20:17:01 EEST 2010

Uwe Kaminski wrote:
> As solution for this problem I would love to see a whitelist of projects
> which allow email adresses:
> * themes
> * background pictures
> * "applications" which only put data into the users directory (e.g. more
> ringtones...)
> What do you think?

I agree with Uwe and think his proposal is valid. Honestly, I wouldn't
mind if everyone was help to the same level of expectation. Still, I
understand that some people (e.g., the ones who submit "creative"
support for Maemo devices) just might not have the skillset required (or
the interest) to deal with bugtrackers.


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