[maemo-community] email address as bugtracker link for non-small projects?

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Thu Aug 26 21:12:50 EEST 2010
Andrew wrote:
> If there are some, and developers don't want to have the "hassle" of a
> big web based application, a blank "Bugtracker" should equate to
> http://maemo.org/packages/view/<package>(/<version>). That gets the
> testers the visibility of previously mentioned issues, which seems to
> be the main problem.

I could perfectly live with this interface as bug tracker (it also would not be a good choice for complex projects but we would have visibility at least). Unfortunately there is a major bug with this interface: Commenters don't get an email if there is a new response:


Best regards Uwe
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