[maemo-community] "Community service pack"

From: Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 13 16:25:22 EET 2010
As it appears, there is a wish to deploy various packages to fix known
problems in N900 PR1.3.

Immediately, I'm thinking of two things everyone that expects a
non-broken QML experience should have:

- libqt4-bearer-hotfix
- http://gitorious.org/qtquickcompat

(BTW, explore libqt4-bearer-hotfix package to see how you can use
dpkg-divert to patch things without removing the official PR

Optimally, there would be a PR1.4 providing these, but we are probably
not expecting one in the immediate future ;-).

It would make sense to have a single metapackage
(community-service-pack, or something to that effect) that we would
expect everyone to have installed. Applications that need it could
have it as a dependency, instead of enumerating every
unbreak-my-platform patch ever developed.

This is different from Community SSU in the sense that

1) It would not remove the PR metapackages
2) It would probably be more conservative/boring, shipping little
fixes that can comfortably be done by adding packages, instead of
upgrading the "locked down" ones.
3) It can be easily deployed on people's phones by just having it as a
dependency for your package, instead of making them switch the whole
hog to community ssu.

I would see this metapackage as something that should be moderated by
elected maemo community council.

When the full blown Community SSU gains more foothold, maybe this
won't be needed anymore, but in the mean time a good interim solution
is needed.

Ville M. Vainio @@ Forum Nokia
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