[maemo-community] "Community service pack"

From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Mon Dec 13 21:54:05 EET 2010
> "The next pr" is probably not something to optimize our plans around ;-).

One more reason why is so important to keep the qt/mobility updates more

I believe the maemo "after life" is close related to how up-to-date
qt/mobility is on the platform. I agree that Qt is (and even less was) the
most important development platform for maemo but if we are to benefit from
future applications it will be. 

Having the experimental packages break from time to time is a small price to
pay for being able to develop with the latest and greatest. Any user willing
to TEST the applications under extras-devel/extras-testing should also be OK
with a surprise now and then. It also should benefit the Trolls to have
people playing with the unstable releases and reporting bugs earlier in the

Who is in charge of the qt experimental? What is the current "schedule" for
it? How much the council and community in general can be involved? 

Last but not least: Anything I can do to help?

Ville M. Vainio @@ Forum Nokia
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