[maemo-community] "Community service pack"

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Thu Dec 16 13:48:42 EET 2010
On Wednesday 15 December 2010 21:20:11 you wrote:
> Is there a proposal for who would maintain it; or what kind of
> "(volunteer) job spec" the Council needs to advertise to get someone
> to step up? Have we already got a volunteer?

o/ (not as Council member, just as a Maemo guy with some backing from FN :)
> Certainly the Council can advertise that developers should rely on it
> (and/or get X-Fade to add warnings/blocks to the promotion process for
> QML applications if they don't have it as a dependency [how could
> these packages be identified?]); but I don't think the Council wants
> to be the maintainer of the package itself.

I guess a dependency on libqt4-declarative or qt4-qmlviewer is a giveaway :) 

PS. Are we OK with the name ? We can use csp or community-sp or whatever for 
testing, but once it goes public, it will be very difficult to change due to HAM 

Best regards,
Attila Csipa
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