[maemo-community] "Community service pack"

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Thu Dec 16 21:12:43 EET 2010
On Thu, 16 Dec 2010, 19:01:22 GMT, Ville M. Vainio <vivainio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Apart from technical details, there is a strategic angle - we want a
> single package that we can "trust" to be on most devices, but yet is
> under community control.

Agreed - to an extent. With the Community SSU around the corner (once the "HAM ignores packages even though the new repo has a higher trust level than the Nokia one" problem is fixed), I don't think there's a need to address the *theoretical* future issue of other minor fixes.

A Qt fixes package, managed by the community (thanks to Attila), and we can ensure it is required as a dependency for QML/other Qt-using packages, seems like an appropriate solution.



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