[maemo-community] h1 and h2 tags got a border-bottom?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Dec 17 13:03:45 EET 2010
Hi Ferenc,

Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> The border-bottom attribute of h1 and h2 tags does not look too good on
> news.maemo.org and planet.maemo.org. Can someone explain why these
> changes were made?


The request got a solid recommendation from Tim Samoff in comment #4, so
I implemented it (everywhere, as per my comment #2).

I could just do it for the wiki, but I'd prefer if the wiki stays
consistent with the other maemo.org sites.

Tim indicated the issue in comment #8, and I think the best solution is
to modify the templates for news & planet to remove the background-image
on the .planet-entry divs. I'm open to suggestions though if you (or
others) would like to comment on that bug.


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