[maemo-community] Maemo community outreach flyer proposal 3.2

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Sun Jan 3 01:46:13 EET 2010
Greetings maemo.org community and Maemo team,

In the continuing saga of the Maemo community outreach flyer, I now
present iteration 3.2, with 4 variations.

The attached link below will access the latest PDF.  Pages 1 through 4
are new variants, whereas page 5 is from the 3.1 round.

Key items to note:

- new theme: "development Nirvana" has been changed to "The Future". 
This is largely in response to Quim Gil's concern about current QT +
Maemo 5 maturity.  I also think "the future" implies more open-endedness.

- Nokia blue used for "search" text and Anssi Vanjoki quote.

- some body text changes (eg, "innovative thinking" changed to
"innovative concepts", et al)

- it's still doubtful I can use the Qt logo, but I'm hopeful!  I believe
it comes under fair use.

- the back is reserved for additional technical details

The last part leads to my next plea.  I'm pretty much done with
content/layout changes for the front (Tim, you may now nitpick!). 
However, I need a spec sheet for the back side.  I don't even know where
to begin... is there something, somewhere, ready-made that I could use? 
Please help!


Constructive feedback welcome.

Note: I am planning to attend a local (Dallas) Linux user meetup January
9.  I will hand out flyers from page 2 of the PDF as-is pending further


Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

Ovi Mail: Free email account from Nokia

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