[maemo-community] OpenDesign N900

From: chemist chemist at dostortugas.org
Date: Thu Jan 7 16:37:21 EET 2010
Hey folks,

after reading several posts about the crap backpanel I came to the idea
to ask the community for a redesign as I have access (relatives) to
produce such backpanels and also have access to distribute them.
I am neither good for doing CAD drawings nor for 3D scanning so if
someone is up for it?!

A large stand and a plain surface was requested already.
Maybe Nokia is interessted in it and will provide us with the drawings
to start from. This way maemo.org would expand to maintain
opendesign hardware as well as opensource software.

Maybe reprap.org could help with the first prototypes.

Ruediger Schiller

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