[maemo-community] sneak preview of the new wiki server - NOT PRODUCTION YET

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Thu Jan 7 19:39:07 EET 2010
Dave Neary schrieb:
> Uwe Kaminski wrote:
>> But this is still valid: https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4553
> [...] I plan on
> getting the maemo2midgard set-up documented, with the help of the people
> who've put it in place (it's on my priority list for this month).
> Hopefully bugs like this will fall out in the wash.

Sounds good. Thanks! :)

Good luck, Uwe

Uwe Kaminski
Mail: jukey at ju-key.de
Web: http://internettabletblog.de
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