[maemo-community] Community testers for Fremantle PR 1.1

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Mon Jan 11 09:39:28 EET 2010
	Can you tell me if the kernel in the next release has stayed the
same as the current version.  I would like to know if I can release
cifs.ko/ntfs.ko files for the current kernel and that they will work with
it; or if I should delay releasing until the next version of the update is
released, to eliminate any initial confusion for the end users.

	If the kernel has changed, any chances I can get the Kernel sources
for it so that I can work on getting this done so that it is out at the same


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Subject: Community testers for Fremantle PR 1.1

Hi, we are cooking a maintenance update for Maemo 5. Fremantle PR1.1, as we
call it.

Following the advice given by the community during the Diablo SSUs, we have
prepared an invitation for selected community contributors to join the
testing before the update goes out. The list of testers has been made by
Andre Klapper (our dearest bugmaster) based on active contributors to
bugs.maemo.org + Council + maemo.org development team. They will get today
an email from Daniel Wilms with detailed instructions.

To everybody: these selected contributors won't sign any NDA and we are
ancouraging them to provide feedback at bugs.maemo.org about current and
potentially new bug reports. Bug reporting is the objective and the scope of
this experiment that we are willing to expand if it's seen as useful for the
community and Nokia. Please let them test and report in peace. If you want
to discuss further with them, do it around the public bug reports. We won't
share with them any information about release dates so don't even bother
asking them. As you know, the release will go out when it's ready. The
community testing plays a role assessing this readiness.

To the selected contributors: please keep yourselves in the task of bug
reporting. We don't really need you going through details about the
unreleased software in Talk, mailing lists, blogs or anywhere out of
bugs.maemo.org. We have decided that trust is better than an NDA in this
situation so please don't give us reasons to reconsider the NDA or the
community testing itself. If you prefer to keep your freedom to especulate
publicly about the content of the next release then we ask you to simply
decline the invitation.

This update today will come as a downloadable image since preparing an
update over the air would have been more complicated (specific repository
for the community testers etc). You can backup and restore your data. The
aim is still to organize a specific test for the SSU itself once the right
people comes after their well deserved holidays. We'll see.

Happy testing to everybody! I'm personally happy that we found an
interesting present for those more dedicated to the (not always gratifying)
task of bug reporting, triaging and commenting. Thank you very much for your

Quim Gil + N900
open source advocate
Maemo Devices @ Nokia
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