[maemo-community] Sprint task: Refine the karma system

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Wed Jan 13 11:12:46 EET 2010
Valerio Valerio schrieb:
> [...]
> The current weights in TMO and Wiki seem fair, but if you don't think 
> so,  please raise your opinion ;).

How much karma wiki editors get? And for what kind of edits?

I personally think the wiki is a _much_ better place to save manuals, 
howtos, knowledge about special topics or applications than in 
talk.maemo.org threads.

But sure it's hard to get a value for "how much of a wiki page is made 
by a single person" and how relevant is the entry of a single person.

One idea would be to have a voting system to identify good articles and 
give "the author(s)" karma.

Ciao Uwe

Uwe Kaminski
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