[maemo-community] Sprint task: Refine the karma system

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Wed Jan 13 12:57:07 EET 2010
Attila Csipa schrieb:
> On Wednesday 13 January 2010 04:42:44 Ryan Abel wrote:
>> It's reasonably easy to get a lot of Thanks! on one for a relatively
>> small amount of effort. There's no need for additional bonuses beyond
>> the regular Thanks! calculation to factor in.
> What the 'gold' TMO posts really miss is IMHO a search/filter option. I might 
> not have the time/willpower to read all threads (and number of replies is a 
> poor metric), but I sure would like to see, say, last weeks N+ thanks posts as 
> chances are the signal to noise is far better on those than on an average TMO 
> post.

For me a gold post is something where a good wiki article was made of or 
  influenced. If great postings would be always the base for good wiki 
articles there would be no need to identify them using an extra filter. :)

So I agree with Ryan that there is no need for additional bonuses.

Ciao Uwe

Uwe Kaminski
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