[maemo-community] PR 1.1 community beta testing - results?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Jan 14 14:46:38 EET 2010
Quim Gil wrote:
> Release candidates point already to a certain date that is
> postponed only if the testing results raise critical problems.
> There was no problem found to be important enough to delay the release.

Got it now. I was not sure what is the second number in xx-y and how 
much delay it causes. I was expecting people will get 51-2 or something 
partly because I thought 51-2 will cause much less delay then completely 
new one but I get it now. Only top critical stuff is worth the delay.

> Also note that you have a longer period for testing only because there
> was a holiday period in between.

Actually less time for me due to Christmas. More time for family, less 
time for hobbies :-)

> In the meantime you can consider 55-1 as a sneak preview of
> the next release.  ;)

Much appreciated. Definitely bigger motivation for bug hunting than 
anything else (including karma ;) ). As long as it is free or almost 
free for Nokia to arrange it, it makes sense even only for this reason.

And BTW that should be 51-1 I guess, not new 55-1 one for us to test.


P.S. I also meant to write sneak peek not peak, sorry for that :-)
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