[maemo-community] News for FOSDEM

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Jan 14 19:00:38 EET 2010

Randall Arnold wrote:
> Thanks.  Not sure why I couldn't find it... ironic since I had
> volunteered to help out if there was anything I could do.  ; )  I see
> that almost everyone signed up is tentative, which tells me we probably
> won't really have much presence... other than literature?
> Hopefully Valerio can make it... and Quim especially.

I'll definitely be there. Aki Niemi should be there. Gary Birkett's
going for sure. Zeeshan's got a talk, so he'll be there. And I imagine
we might see Niels at some stage? And some of the other Belgian & Dutch
Maemo people like crashanddie?

FOSDEM is typically one of these conferences where everyone decides to
go 3 weeks before it.


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