[maemo-community] Deprecate the maemo-community list?

From: penguinbait matthew at penguinbait.com
Date: Thu Jan 14 23:24:17 EET 2010
I am personally all for the moving maemo-community list to the forums.  
 From my short time on the lists, I see it would include many more 
people in the ins and outs of actually what is happening around maemo 
and it would only be beneficial to the community.  As a fellow maemo 
community council member I completely back qole's ehrm Alan's idea.

On 01/14/2010 02:02 PM, Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Hi,
> This list (maemo-community) is supposed to be the backbone of the
> Maemo community and maemo.org. It is relatively low-traffic, but
> focuses on the important stuff (IMHO).
> There is a proposal, however, to close this list and move the
> discussion to the talk.maemo.org fora. If you would like your voice to
> be heard (either for or against this proposal), please do so:
>      http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=40526
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrew

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