[maemo-community] Fremantle Dev -> Testing promotion issue

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Fri Jan 15 03:18:42 EET 2010
	It apparently isn't just me; someone on TMO also has asked the same
question.   Is this related to the server moves, or does someone need to
kick something on the server to get this to work again.   I can see the
detail page on other peoples packages fine; but apparently if the page is
for my own package it either times out or goes into la la land showing
loading forever. 


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		I've been trying to actually see the page to promote my cifs
and ntfs modules from dev into testing and the web site has been either
timing out (or going into lala land) for the last day or so.   Anybody able
to poke the machine to find out what is wrong with it.   These are "armel"
only packages (if that matters?)


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