[maemo-community] Deprecate the maemo-community list?

From: Ville Reijonen vilre at cs.tut.fi
Date: Fri Jan 15 11:06:39 EET 2010
>Though I am not very active member of mailinglist or forum, I support the decision to keep mailing list.
>Mailing list is usually far more focused and is very easy to follow (especially in gmail).
>Forums are fine, but I am not able to follow all of the threads/rooms.

I agree. I would argue that T.M.O is much more towards users, for some 
reason the S/N sucks and due to this I would also claim that there is 
much more "talkers" than "doers" (I'm not claiming that there wouldn't 
be any doers on T.M.O). What is the community anyways? I would say that 
members should give and get from the community and this matches better 
with "doers", the rest are hang-arounds who get benefits.

When you compare the visibility of T.M.O and mailing lists on maemo.org, 
you can notice that that T.M.O is quite visible, but you have to do much 
more work to read mailing list history or even to find out that there is 
mailing lists. IMHO, that is the problem, expecially for this twittering 
forum spamming ADHD generation (Let's see if I get anybody offended.. :)

I have been here since 770 days but still I just recently discovered 
this community list during the IRC division. Somehow this change from 
midgard2maemo to community list escaped from me. Maybe there are others.

>(However, for those that don't like email, web gateway might help).

+1, mailing lists should be visible in T.M.O.
Location, Location, Location..

Additionally, if something should be moved, then maemo-users list could 
be terminated as it seems that T.M.O is exact match.

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