[maemo-community] Deprecate the maemo-community list?

From: Eero af Heurlin eero.afheurlin at nemein.com
Date: Sat Jan 16 00:03:23 EET 2010
penguinbait wrote:
> Is there an actual technical solution that can be implemented to achieve
> this?  If so what is it, and what needs to happen?  Leaving things
> fragmented is not an option.

Provided the forum software architehture is sane it should be fairly
easy to extend the post schema to store external message-id (or to add a
 lookup table)

Then it's just a case of triggering an email with correct in-reply-to
and refers headers when a forum post is made to get the posts to the
mailing list (or in case of new thread generating message-id)

simplest way to get emails from mailing list back would be to subscribe
with a lurker address, then use fetchmail or similar to read the emails,
see if posts matching the in-reply-to and/or refers headers are found
and generate replies/new threads accordingly.

I've done this a few times for a simple forum (in Midgard land), it
should not be hard (though it can be a bit tedious).

The first version doesn't IMO need to even do things like convert
quoting or other markup differences between email/forum and the forum
certainly should not send HTML mails (vade retro...).

As for the mention of IRC vs the forums (not really the issue here, so
feel free to ignore this offtopic point): Mailing list and forum are
somewhat similar mediums, most importantly they're both asynchronous.
IRC OTOH is completely different and thus "moving people from IRC to
forums" is doomed idea.


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